The Upper Room



There in a quiet upper room

They gathered together once again

The Master stood among the twelve

He called his closest friends


Soon I must leave you said the Lord

My Father will call me from this place

Although you may not understand

My life is in His hands

I must obey


They sat in the silence tears in their eyes

He spoke once again to ease their minds

Be not afraid

Do not despair

When you need me I will always be there


Come sit beside me said the Lord

For here at this table we are one

Come share this simple meal with me

And show that you believe

I am Godís Son


This bread is My body

Broken for you

This wine is My blood

Which is shed for you

Take now and eat

Take now and drink

Do this always in remembrance of me


Walk in my footsteps said the Lord

Be steadfast in everything you do

And keep me always in your heart

Though we may be apart

I am with you.