O Sacred Head, Surrounded

Passion Chorale             

Hans L. Hassler

Harm. By .S. Bach


Attr. to Bernard of Clairvaux

Vs. 1: Tr. By Henry W. Baker

Vs. 2: Melvin L. Farrell

Vs. 3: Arthru T. Russell

Text (vs. 2) c 1961, WLP


O sacred head, surrounded by crown of piercing thorn!

O bleeding head, so wounded, reviled and put to scorn!

Our sins have marred the glory of your most holy face,

Yet angel hosts adore you, and tremble as they gaze.


The Lord of every nation was hung upon a tree;

His death was our salvation, our sins, His agony.

O Jesus, by your Passion, your life in us increase;

Your death for us did fashion our pardon and our peace.


In this, your bitter Passion, Good Shepherd, think of me

With your most kind compassion, unworthy though I be:

Beneath your cross abiding forever would I rest,

In your dear love confiding, and with your presence blest.